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3D Printing

In 2023, the Carl J. Shapiro Simulation and Skills Center invested in the Formlabs Form 3BL medical-grade 3D printer. This state-of-the-art printer is equipped to provide a diverse range of 3D printing solutions tailored for medical applications. The Form 3BL printer can replicate various materials, spanning from soft tissue to bone, allowing for the creation of highly realistic and anatomically accurate models.


The Simulation and Skills Center aims to collaborate with different departments within the hospital to leverage its 3D printing capabilities for the production of both patient-specific models and essential medical supplies. The versatility of the Form 3BL printer enables the simulation center to cater to a wide array of medical needs.

Key features and advantages of the Form 3BL printer include:


  • Material Replication: The printer’s capability to reproduce diverse materials, including soft tissue and bone, ensures that the created models closely mimic the anatomical properties of real human structures.

  • Anatomical Accuracy: The Form 3BL’s precision in printing allows for the generation of highly detailed and anatomically accurate medical models.

  • Collaborative Opportunities: The Simulation and Skills Center is actively seeking partnerships with different departments to create patient-specific models. These models can be used for pre-surgical planning, medical training, and education.

  • Medical Supplies Production: The Simulation and Skills Center is exploring opportunities to contribute to the production of medical supplies at a significantly lower cost than the market price. The Form 3BL’s versatility enables the printing of specialized tools and equipment that can meet the unique needs of healthcare professionals.

  • Innovation in Healthcare: By investing in this technology, the Simulation and Skills Center is positioning itself as a hub for innovation within BIDMC. Collaborative efforts with different departments aim to drive advancements in patient care, medical training, and the development of customized solutions.

Learn More and Request a Demo!

To request more information about 3D printing or molding, request a demo, or request a print, please contact the Simulation and Skills Center Operations Manager, Stephen Craft -

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