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Faculty & Staff


Kelly Anastasio
Program Coordinator

Alessandra Alvarez Hinojosa

Accreditation Administrator

Stephen Craft
Operations Manager, Simulation & Skills Center (SASC)

Laurie Dubois

Administrative Director, Graduate Medical Education 

Ted Gomez, MD

Co-director, Surgical Education Technology, SASC

Lidia Graziano
Program Administrator, Undergraduate Medical Education

Carol Hughes
Operations Director 

Ling Hsiao, Ed.D., Ed.M.

Manager of Medical Education Research

Cullen Jackson, PhD

Director of Innovation and Research, SASC

Patrick Lawlor
Communications Specialist

Michael McBride
Training and Support Specialist, Simulation and Skills Center

Deborah Parnther
GME License and Credentialing Analyst

Chas Parsons, MD

Co-director of Surgical Education for Internal Programming, SASC

Celeste Royce, MD

Co-director, Rabkin Fellowship

Darren Tavernelli
Training and Support Specialist, Simulation and Skills Center

Anita Vanka, MD

Co-director, Rabkin Fellowship

Diana Wang
Senior Financial Analyst

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