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DIA Committee/Council

The GME Diversity, Inclusion and Advocacy Council was funded

early 2020. The goal of the council is to represent URiM residents

of BIDMC and provide a safe-safe where to develop ideas, meet

peers and built a community. We organize community building

events throughout the academic year, provide feedback on

recruitment and inclusion efforts to all GME programs and we

are active members of the BILH DEI Task Force



Committee Objectives

·         Community and Network Building

·         Quarterly social/networking events with trainee community

·         Recruitment of URiM house officers

·         Provide mentorship to members of SNMA, LMSA and other URiM HMS groups

·         Provide HMS mentorship

·         Collaborate with pipeline programs

·         Participate in recruitment efforts: Attendance at local, regional and national conferences to help with recruitment

·         Professional development and mentorship

·         Promote professional development of URiM house officers through educational workshops and/or speaker series on topics of                 interest to house officers

·         Community outreach and Advocacy Identify opportunities for members to serve the Greater Boston community

·         Identify opportunities for members to advocate for patients

Council leader: Ana Sofia Ore Carranza -


Please email us with any questions!

GME Trainee Education Council

The GME Trainee Education Council exists as an interdepartmental

group for trainees to provide feedback and suggestions regarding

educational curricula and processes within their residency and

fellowship programs at BIDMC. In particular, the council aims to

identify common challenges across departments and propose unified

strategies to improve, as well as to leverage successful endeavors in

one program to improve others.

Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Berry

Housestaff Quality Improvement Council (HSQIC)

The Housestaff Quality Improvement Council, HSQIC, is a community of QI professionals representing trainees across departments who see care delivery frustrations and complexities as an opportunity for improvement. HSQIC shares the fundamental belief that those who are closest to the problems are closets to the solutions.  GME trainees are the frontline of healthcare and deeply committed to QI initiatives. The group is open to all GME residents and fellows at BIDMC and offers process improvement training, online resources, mentoring for projects and regular meetings. Trainees can join HSQIC by submitting THIS FORM. 


Additionally, HSQIC offers:     


·QI Project Repository to help facilitate collaboration​

·Consultation for hospital-level initiatives

·Mentorship for careers in QI/Patient Safety

·Access to QI/PS online toolkit 

·Partnership and support for trainee generated QI projects

·Interdepartmental connections

·Opportunities to join hospital-level Q&S meetings and committees 


Committee Leaders:

      Council Housestaff President: Sehyo Yune 

      Junior faculty advisor: Ben Wagner


      Senior faculty advisor: Jim Rawson

Social Justice Committee

The GME Social Justice Committee brings together like-minded trainees with the goal of enhancing ties with the local community and advocating for our most vulnerable patients. This committee meets monthly and creates opportunities for further training in advocacy and health policy through speaker events, enhances ties between different training programs through social events and develops relationships with local advocacy organizations to allow trainees to participate in hands on community advocacy work.


Faculty Advisor: Maelys Amat

For additional information contact Olivia Ezekwelu

Wellness Committee

The GME Wellness Committee is an active and engaged housestaff-led interdepartmental platform that works to support resident and fellow wellness across BIDMC, specifically focusing on community building, career and professional development, healthy lifestyle, and promotion of resilience/coping skills.


Committee Leaders: Ben Allar and Margaret Lie

Faculty Advisor: Ritika Parris

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