Office for Educational Research

Excellence, Impact, Service, and Training in Medical Education Research

Our Mission


Our mission at the Office for Education Research (OER) is to produce top-quality, high impact research and scholarship in all levels of medical education training. We do this by: 

  • Conducting research led by Shapiro Institute core faculty and staff;

  • Providing training and workshops in various methods of qualitative and quantitative research;

  • Consulting to or collaborating with BIDMC faculty, fellows, residents, and HMS students who are conducting research in medical education through our Medical Education Laboratory

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We are committed to:

Excellence in Research and Scholarship: We are committed to conducting the highest quality and most rigorous research and quality improvement in learning and teaching for students, residents, and faculty.


(1) We aim to impact the education research field nationally and internationally by acting as thought leaders in education research through the Millennium Conference and other multi-site research initiatives.

(2) We promote BIDMC hospital faculty, fellow, and resident career development in education research and scholarship by mentoring and training clinician educators in theories and methods related to research and scholarship.

(3) We serve BIDMC patients and families in both hospital and ambulatory care settings through initiatives to improve clinician-patient-family communication, teaching and learning in critical thinking among faculty and learners, and creating optimal inter-professional learning environments characterized by respect, curiosity, and commitment to equity and inclusion. 

Service: We serve the hospital goals for providing excellent patient care by aligning research and education initiatives with hospital priorities for high value, compassionate care and a diverse, inclusive workforce. 


We aim to make BIDMC a leading force for education research and scholarship that benefits all clinicians, trainees, and patients and their families. 

What We Do

We serve the BIDMC community by helping medical education researchers at any stage of research. Our goal is to help medical educators transform ideas into scholarly works of research. The figure below describes the ways we can help at each stage of research. 

CONSULTATIONS: To help with your research, the staff of the Center for Education provides consulting services to those at BIDMC who are pursuing an educational project and need assistance at any stage of their research. Please refer to the figure below to see the ways in which we can help at each stage of the research process. We are happy to provide targeted help at a given stage, or be involved throughout the whole process of transforming an idea into a publication. Please contact us at

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