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Shapiro Institute Education
Grants Program


Email your complete proposal to Johannah Mitchell, Shapiro Institute for Education and Research 

Deadline: Thursday, March 28

The Carl J. Shapiro Institute for Education and Research at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is pleased to announce a funding opportunity for Academic Year 2024-2025. One grant will be awarded to support an educational research project to advance practice or theory in medical education. Awardee will be provided with ongoing mentoring and support to assist them in achieving the aims of their project. 

All application materials are due by 5 pm March 28, 2024. Funding decisions will be announced by April 19, 2024.

Funding period: July 1, 2024-June 30, 2025 

Grant amount: Up to $25,000.

Area of Interest:

The Shapiro Institute Education Grants Program seeks to fund a high-quality medical education project in any area of teaching, learning, or professional development. Applicants can propose scholarship projects including (1) educational innovations or assessment for students, residents or fellows or (2) non-intervention studies that contribute to theory and knowledge in the field of medical education. Research methods can include quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods approaches.



In order to be eligible for consideration, a project must include the following elements:

  • Evidence of adequate review of relevant literature to justify the focus and importance of the project (question to be answered) or innovation

  • For educational innovations, identification of the teaching and learning goals to be targeted by the curriculum or assessment

  • Timeline for implementation of project (if relevant) and data collection and analysis to be completed within the one-year funding period

  • Documentation of departmental or division support for protected time for the applicant to complete the project

  • Commitment to work with Shapiro Institute Office of Educational Research who will oversee quality assurance of the study design and project

  • Principal Investigators are members of the Harvard Medical School faculty, holding an appointment at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center



Upon award notification, the principal investigator will be responsible for the following elements intended to keep the project on task and ensure that the findings are available to others.


  • Meet monthly with the Shapiro Institute Office for Research throughout the grant funding period

  • Produce a project report at the end of the funding period (project status, aims, methods, preliminary analysis and results).

  • Disseminate results as an abstract or published curriculum and/or manuscript (for example, to MedEd PORTAL) within approximately 2 years from initiation of funding


The Institute must receive completed applications by the close of business

(5:00 p.m.) on March 28, 2024.

  • Partially completed applications will not be reviewed.

Investigators are encouraged to contact the Office of Educational Research at the Shapiro Institute for feedback and advice on potential project ideas. Send a message to Johannah Mitchell, Research Program Coordinator (, who will help with your initial inquiries.

PROPOSAL OUTLINE: Please include the following information in describing your proposed project.

A)    Project Proposal (3 page limit for Part A, single-spaced, 1-inch margins, at least 11 point font)


Aims – Summarize the goals of the project, including research questions (and hypotheses, if applicable)


Background – Briefly describe the present state of evidence in the domain that your proposed efforts address. Include relevant theoretical or conceptual models.


Methods – Describe your proposed project. If it is an educational intervention or assessment approach, describe the key elements of the intervention or assessment and your strategy for developing and implementing the project. Include specific numbers and types of learners who will participate in the pilot. If your project is not an educational intervention, describe the type of project, specific research approach, and target population.


Describe your plans to measure outcomes. Projects that involve a curriculum or other educational intervention should propose an evaluation that includes assessment of the impact on trainees (students and/or residents) and measures of at least two levels of Kirkpatrick or Guskey’s evaluation models (see, for example: or

Challenges – Describe possible obstacles to your project and how you plan to address them.


B)   Study logistics and budget (additional pages as required):

Study personnel – Briefly describe qualifications of the PI to carry out the study. Include information about any prior training in education and/or research (e.g., Shapiro Scholarship Program, Rabkin Fellowship). Describe qualifications and specific roles of co-investigators or other project staff.


Curriculum vitae – Include a NIH biosketch or recent CV for principal investigator (not required for project staff)


Resources – Describe department and/or division resources available to you. Briefly describe how you will gain access to the target population of study, i.e., students, residents, fellows, or faculty.

Timetable – Timetable for the grant, including IRB at BIDMC approval, data collection, analysis, and write-up of results.

Budget – Include line item budget, total funds requested, and budget justification. We encourage faculty to apply funding to provide protected time for work on this project. Funding for conference travel is not available.

Contact information – Name, department, phone number, email address of the primary contact person for follow-up.



Letter of commitment from division chief or department chair should address the potential for applicant to carry out successfully the proposed project and should provide assurances that the principal investigator will be given protected time for the stated level of effort described in the proposal. If permission is required for access to the study population (e.g., students in course or clerkship, residents or fellows), please also provide a brief statement of approval from the course or program leader.

For more information please contact:

Johannah Mitchell 

Research Program Coordinator - Medical Education
Carl J. Shapiro Institute of Education and Research

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
T: 617-667-9422 | E:



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