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The Shapiro Institute Medical Education Scholarship Program 








Classes begin Thursday, September 21, 2023, 5:45-7:15 pm on Zoom 

Is medical education an important focus of your career? If you are a faculty member, do you anticipate getting promoted at HMS on the Teaching and Educational Leadership pathway? Do you want to produce high quality scholarship in medical education, but don’t yet have the research skills? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” the Shapiro Institute Education Research group is delighted to invite applications for our two-year Medical Education Scholarship Program to support your professional development as a medical educator and education researcher. The program runs from September through early June each year (no classes during July and August). Program attendees will receive certificates of completion in early July.  Please note: The program has a modular design suitable for the schedule of even the busiest clinician! 

What Will I Learn?

  • Formulate meaningful and well-designed research questions 

  • Identify suitable qualitative and quantitative methods for addressing medical education research questions 

  • Develop questions for qualitative interviews and focus groups 

  • Analyze qualitative data 

  • Analyze survey data 

  • Demonstrate best practices in survey development 

  • Articulate key issues related to reliability and validity in medical education research 

  • Describe ethical issues related to conducting medical education research 

  • Apply best practices for teaching critical thinking and clinical reasoning in the clinical setting 

  • Write a scholarly paper on medical education 

Who is eligible to apply?

BIDMC faculty, fellows, and residents are all eligible to apply. We will select candidates to achieve roughly equal representation across training (resident/fellow/faculty) and departments. Your application will take less than 15 minutes to complete. 

Because this program is offered over a 2-year period, we have a “A-Series” (9/2023-6/2024) followed by a “B-Series” (9/2024-6/2025) to distinguish the two years. Applicants who are new to the program can start with the A-Series this year and plan to take the B-Series in the following year. Anyone who has 

Time Commitment

Sessions are held via Zoom on the first and third Thursday of each month (with some exceptions—see schedule), from 5:45-7:15 pm, beginning September 21st, 2023. Participants will be expected to devote approximately 2 hours per week to the program, including the 90-minute class on alternate weeks. 

Can I participate in only one part of the program?

Yes. Applicants can apply either to the full 2-year program or sign up for individual modules (for example, applicants can choose
to only select and attend Modules 1 and 3 (a total of only 5 sessions). Certificates of completion will be offered for the full program or for individual modules. 

Program content and schedule



 Applications due by September 8th, 2023
Click HERE to register 



Amy Sullivan, EdD

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