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Lunder Fellowship in Simulation Education and Technology

The BIDMC Shapiro Simulation and Skills Center (SASC), with the support of the Carl J. Shapiro Institute for Education and Research, is offering a one-year fellowship in simulation education for physicians who have completed or are currently enrolled in an ACGME-accredited residency or fellowship program.

During this program, fellows will engage in all aspects of simulation education and research in both medical and surgical fields within SASC.  Fellows will collaborate with and work alongside the simulation staff, SASC leadership, as well as educational leaders and clinical teachers using the simulation center for training endeavors. 

Fellowship Activities

Fellows will dedicate at least 75% of their professional time to the role and will participate in all SASC educational and research including:

  • Development, planning, and teaching of scenario-based simulation

  • Development of longitudinal simulation curricula for all levels of learners

  • Use of assessment tools for simulation

  • Improvement of simulation fidelity by working with clinical experts who are not necessarily simulation specialists

  • Development and validation of physical simulation models including the use of computer software to develop 3D models of patient-specific anatomy 

  • Development and manufacturing of simulation models using both 3D printed materials and molding and casting

  • Design and development of simulation-based research protocols

  • Implementation of human subjects research in simulation, including data collection, data analysis, documentation, and dissemination

  • Coordination of the of regulatory approval process, coordinating with industry sponsors, and database management

  • Participation in Education Scholars program to obtain foundational skills in education research

Mentorship Team

Daniel Ricotta_Headshot_edited.jpg

Dan Ricotta MD


Ted Gomez, MD

CDJ Headshot-3 2018-02-19 15.24.14.png

Cullen Jackson, PhD


Chas Parsons, MD

Screen Shot 2023-11-09 at 10.06.19 AM.png

Robbin Miraglia, PhD,

General structure of a fellow’s work week:

  • 2 full days of research

  • 2 full days of teaching and running simulation activities as SASC

  • 0.5 to 1 day of clinical work to be predetermined by the fellow’s program director and/or division chief


Expectations Upon Graduation

  • Submission of at least one simulation-relevant paper in peer-reviewed journals

  • Submission of at least one simulation-relevant abstract to specialty-relevant academic meetings

  • Development and/or validation of one physical simulation model relevant to the fellow’s clinical interests

  • Development and/or validation of one assessment tool or methodology to address an unmet need in the fellow’s subspecialty.

  • Completion of at least one certification program relevant to the fellow’s medical specialty or career interest (ie. CMS instructor course, FLS/FES instructor etc.)


Fellows will be supervised by and receive primary mentorship from Dr. Ernest Gomez, Director of the Lunder Fellowship.  Fellows will additionally have a mentorship team composed of the following:

  • Daniel Ricotta, MD

  • Chas Parsons, MD

  • Cullen Jackson, PhD

  • Robbin Miraglia, PhD, RN

  • At least one additional faculty mentor to be selected by the fellow

    • Mentor(s) should have clinical expertise in the fellow’s area of interest

    • Mentor(s) may be faculty at institutions other than BIDMC/HMS

  • Fellows will meet with the fellowship director weekly

  • Mentorship team meetings will take place quarterly to track fellow progress



A total stipend of not more than $50,000, depending on circumstance (such as PGY level and base clinical salary), will be paid to the individuals’ respective department/division to offset clinical responsibilities

Application Process

Please email Stephen Craft, SASC Operations Manager

  • CV

  • Letter of interest including relevant experience (no more than 500 words)

  • A brief statement of support from your program director or clinical chief stating their support that you take on this role (no more than a few sentences) and acknowledgment that your daytime clinical duties and/or call coverage will not exceed 1 day per week

  • A committee of educational leaders will review applications and will interview some or all of the candidates

  • Application materials are due December 8th by 5pm 

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