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Office of Postdoctoral Scholars

Resources, Support and Opportunities for Postdocs

Committed to excellence in all aspects of research, training, and education, BIDMC has established the Office for Postdoctoral Scholars to serve as a resource for postdoctoral scholars, postdoctoral faculty mentors, and research trainees in general. Our diverse community of about 350 postdoctoral scholars comes from all regions of the United States and the world with the shared passion to contribute to the groundbreaking research taking place here. The office's mission is to promote and support postdoctoral scholars in world-class research and education at BIDMC.

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We support and work closely with the BIDMC Postdoc Association to provide the following services:

  • One-on-one, career counseling to help provide outside input on long-term plans and goals

  • Guidance in responsible conduct of research

  • Guidance on visa-related issues, including obtaining initial visas, visa renewals, and changes in visa status.

  • Offering research presentation opportunities for postdocs both at BIDMC venues and more broadly across the Harvard Medical School community.

  • Providing and supporting broader educational initiatives to learn about other opportunities including careers in academia and industry

  • Serving as a connector to the Harvard Medical School postdoc office and its resources

  • Providing support and resources for PDA-initiated activities, including social and networking events.

Read more about the postdoc experience in Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty.

About the BIDMC Postdoctoral Association


The BIDMC Postdoctoral Association was founded in February 2019 under the supervision of the Office for Academic Careers and Faculty Development.



The mission of the BIDMC PDA is to support and advocate for postdocs at BIDMC in all aspects of postdoctoral affairs. The BIDMC PDA shall address the needs and concerns of BIDMC postdocs by serving as a liaison between postdocs and BIDMC while promoting career development opportunities and networking events.



The PDA is composed of 4 committees:

  • Communications Committee

  • Advocacy Committee

  • Networking Committee

  • Career Development Committee

Each committee is led by a chair/co-chairs. These committees are in turn overseen by directors/co-directors and assisted by a treasurer.

Committee Members


Deepti Ramachandran


Advocacy Committee Co-chairs

Marie Mortreux

Pourya Naderi


Rene Flores

Networking Committee Chair

Mannan Nouri

Communication Committee Chair

Akul Mehta

Career Development Committee Chair

Akashleena Mallick

Jose Emmanuel Gonzalez Gutierrez

Members At Large

Megan Rosa-Caldwell
Urmila Jagtap
Edith Martinez Lozano
Irene Chebet Yator
Tanvi Khera

Narjes Jaafar
Amine Amyar
Fang Xie
Carolina Vigna
Leticia Campoverde Iza

Cesar Palacios
Danitza Lukac
Anna Marmalidou
Marcela Banegas
Mateo Garland

Past Members

Nufar Edinger

Sarah Morgan (Networking Chair)

Julie Konge (Career Development Chair)

Carla Calagua

Mahnoor Bagai

Daniela Silva

Anuradha Rajendran

Abhigyan Satyam

Daniel Ram

Olivier Lucar (Director)

Anant Shinde (Director)

Jessica Hall (Founding Member)

Franciele Kipper (Networking Chair)

Contact Us


We encourage any current/prospective postdocs to contact us regarding any concerns and suggestions.

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