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Surgery Simulations

Rotation Based Skills

Surgical residents perform procedure based skills on our high fidelity, lifelike partial task trainers. These sessions are provided either in small groups or one on one with an experienced staff member. Each procedure session is provided to the residents specific surgery rotation. Examples include cricothyroidotomy, chest tube insertion, and breast ultrasound and biopsy.

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Surgery Clerkship


Weekly didactic and lecture sessions are held for medical students in the state of the art videoconference center in the Shapiro Simulation and Skills Center. Our center has direct connectivity to each operating room within the medical center, allowing the students to observe live OR cases in real time.

Bootcamp for 4th Year Students going into Surgery


Surgical Bootcamp is an intense, interactive, practically based curriculum designed to prepare fourth year medical students for surgical internship by helping students develop clinical skills in a safe, structured setting. Over a four week period, students will engage with surgical residents, attendings, nurse practitioners and ancillary staff in a dedicated surgical environment. The curriculum will revolve around equipping students with skills to perform common operating room and emergency procedures, making sound decisions regarding peri-operative floor and ICU management, understanding surgical anatomy, and improving effective communication so they can easily transition to and excel in their first year of surgical training.

Special emphasis will be given to practice-based learning, with daily hands-on sessions including suture and knot tying drills, trauma and emergency scenarios, laparoscopy skills, and anatomy sessions. Students will be expected to take a few “mock” home pager calls in which post operative scenarios will be presented to the students and they will be required to think and respond quickly under pressure. Upon completion of this course, students will have reviewed, significantly extended, and refined their knowledge of surgical procedures; they will gain hands-on experience with common challenges faced by surgical interns; and thereby avoid pitfalls and raise their overall confidence as they enter surgical internship.

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