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April 2023 Newsletter - Interprofessional Education

“Historically, the teaching and learning for the different disciplines have been conducted in silos, with relatively little interaction among the groups. We now recognize, however, that bringing individuals together and establishing an interdisciplinary community of learners offers opportunities to share knowledge, expertise and perspectives.“

- Richard M. Schwartzstein, MD

Executive Director

Dear friends,

It is often said that medicine is a “team sport.” The best care is delivered by highly trained professionals from a range of disciplines. As a pulmonary and critical care physician, I am acutely aware of this. Our morning “huddles” in the ICU are routinely attended by doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, physical therapists, social workers and case managers. In the ambulatory arena, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants and administrative staff are all necessary to ensure that the patient’s experience is respectful, humane, and supportive and that the ultimate medical care is implemented successfully.

The concept of “interprofessional education” has grown in recent years as we have recognized that an effective care team can only exist if individuals understand and respect the expertise and roles of each member of the team, approach problem-solving with a collaborative mind set, and truly work together, contributing to the discussion about each patient, challenging each other to think more critically about the questions being addressed, and bringing unique perspectives to the issues at hand.

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