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Trainee Benefits and Resources

Below is a summary of resources available to BIDMC residents and fellows. For additional information and resources, please browse the 2019 Harvard Medical School Orientation and Resource Guide and watch the Training at a Harvard Hospital videoContact us with any questions.



BIDMC offers a broad-based benefits program for employees, with choice and flexibility to meet diverse needs. The benefits summarized here are available to residents and fellows in budgeted positions who regularly work 20 or more hours per week. Benefits become effective the first day of employment.

  • Medical Insurance: Through Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, we offer three plans with providers and hospitals placed into Tiers based on the cost of services. For more information regarding health plan coverage and Tiered providers, please visit

  • Prescription Drug Coverage: When you elect one of the BIDMC health plans, you are automatically enrolled in prescription drug coverage administered by Caremark. The Medical Center contributes about 80% of the cost of medical coverage for full time employees; your share of the cost is pre-tax.

  • Dental Coverage: Through Delta Dental, we offer plans with 100% preventive care with varied levels of coverage reflective of the plan cost. This is a pre-tax, employee-paid plan.

  • Vision: Through the EyeMed Vision Plan, you have coverage for your eye wear materials: frames and lenses, including contact lenses. (Eye exams are covered through the medical plans.) This is a pre-tax, employee-paid plan.

Note: You may enroll your spouse and your dependent children, for medical, dental and vision coverage.

  • Disability Insurance: BIDMC house staff automatically enrolled in trainee Short Term Disability (STD) Salary Continuation Plan at no cost. Generally, the plan will pay 100% of your regular base pay for weeks 1-8 and 60% of your regular base pay for weeks 9-26 if you are out of work and unable to perform all the duties of your job due to a non-work related illness or injury.


For maternity leave, there is a salary continuation policy and would provide you with compensation as outlined above for 12 weeks. For more information regarding maternity leave please contact Marie Altieri, Leave Program Administrator by emailing or calling 617-632-0378.

If you become disabled and are unable to work, please contact your Program Director or Chief, and BIDMC's Leave Program Administrator, Marie Altieri, at 617-632-0378.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts: You may set aside money, pre-tax, to pay for certain out-of-pocket medical care and dependent day care expenses with tax-free dollars.

  • Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance: You may purchase additional life insurance for yourself, from ½ up to five times your annual base pay (in ½ pay increments). You may also purchase life insurance coverage for your spouse and dependent children. For your spouse, you may purchase $10,000, $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000; for your children, $10,000 per child.

  • HIV Supplemental Benefit Plan: This plan, fully paid by BIDMC, provides financial assistance and other services if you become HIV positive as the result of a work-related incident.

  • Voluntary 401(k) and 403(b) Savings Plans: You may save pre-tax money for your retirement through BIDMC's 401(k) and/or 403(b) savings plans. You choose where to direct your 401(k) and/or 403(b) contributions from a wide range of funds offered by Fidelity Investments.

Questions? Contact the Benefits Office at 617-632-9400 or

Trainee Contract


BIDMC provides each trainee with an annual contract. This is signed by both the trainee and the program. These are two standard contracts that describe briefly the terms and conditions of the appointment, what the trainee can expect from the institution, and the expectations by the institution for the trainee.


 Salaries cap at PGY 7, except for Chief Residents, CCEP and Plastic Surgery Fellows at PGY8 level

Salary New.jpg

Career Resources


Family Resources


  • This program offers employees backup childcare or adult care services for those times when regular childcare or adult care arrangements are unavailable. Visit or call 855-781-1303 for more information.

  • Childcare: Trainees have access to preferred placement and subsidized rates. Call 617-336- 4496 for details and inquire about “HMFP/BIDMC slots” 

  • Lactation Pump Rooms: Staff returning to work after maternity leave have access to private pump rooms on the East and West Campuses. Please contact Rachelle Fortune at 617-667-2249 for more information.

  • Newsletter: HMFP Child Family Newsletter: Stay informed of resources and tips with this newsletter through HMFP. Email to sign up 
  • The Parent Connection: This free service is for first-time parents who deliver here at BIDMC. Learn more and read our Baby Know How blog.

Wellness Resources


  • On-Call Rooms: Physicians and staff who need to stay overnight or sleep during the day because of fatigue from call duty may use an on-call room. Rooms are available on both East and West Campuses and contain one or two single beds, a night stand, desk and telephone. Shower and restroom facilities are located nearby, along with a linen cart with additional sheets and towels.

  • Program for House Staff Well-Being: This program provides a confidential assessment, evaluation, and referral for psychiatric service, if necessary. Contact Michael Kahn, MD, Psychiatry, for more information.

  • Recognizing Signs of Fatigue: Fatigue can cause issue for physicians-in-training, compromise patient safety and increase potential for medical error. Now included in ACGME program requirements is a limit on resident duty hours; trainees cannot work more than 80 hours in a week and must have time off between shifts. Review sleep deprivation data.

  • Physician Health Services: Provided by the Massachusetts Medical Society, confidential consultations and support are available to physicians, residents and medical students facing health concerns. Learn more.

Housing Resources



Commuting Resources


  • MBTA Pass Program: BIDMC offers a subsidized MBTA pass for eligible employees. Cash sales are subsidized at 45 percent, and passes purchased through payroll deduction are subsidized at 50 percent, up to $120. Contact to learn more.

  • Taxi Vouchers: BIDMC residents and fellows are eligible to receive a taxi voucher for Boston Cab Company if s/he has worked an extended shift and feels it is unsafe to drive home, or a shift has required the trainee to leave the hospital during off hours or when it is unsafe to walk home.

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